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THE GOOD PLACE (TGP), is a show set in the round, yet also promenade. Resembling a mini

amusement park, the show moves back and forth between the interior and exterior of a circus tent.


TGP  it’s a secret garden, an intimate universe in the middle of the public space. Inspired by backstages, nightclubs and alleyways, we explore the areas of life otherwise hidden from view.

In this space everything comes down to a point of view. Reality differs according to the way it is told, shown or disguised.

We aim to play with illusions and suspense – the things that overwhelm, excite, and disgust us with humor and derision.

Permanently absorbed by the news, screens, and images; trapped in a never-ending spiral of information, we always crave more. Time is precious because everyone needs it, and in a world where everything is permanently accessible, TGP gives time back its value. At TGP, waiting becomes part of the journey. We take the time to wait for the right moment to be able to discover "the icing on the cake".


At THE GOOD PLACE, we believe that in order to transform the world, you must first learn look at it and accept it.

At TGP there is no light without darkness. Everyone has a touch of voyeurism inside of them, and that is normal! Let us not be ashamed. In order to find harmony for all, we must accept our dark side. That's why we invite the audience to be curious and to experience, through catharsis, a world of possibilities in THE GOOD PLACE, and beyond…


Written and performed by

Angèle Guilbaud

Marcel Vidal Castells

Marine Fourteau

Noémie Armbruster

Théo Godefroid


Artistic advisor

Christophe Chatelain

Christian Lucas

Claire Schumm

Costume designer

Anaïs Clarté


Sound designer & Sound technician

Théo Godefroid


Lighting design & General technical director

Baptiste Lechuga


Serge Calvier - Nil Obstrat


Stages designer

Sophie Arlotto 

et Quentin Paulhiac

“Le Hangar'O'Gorilles”


Booking & Production

Emilie Dubois

+33 628 78 51 57


Aministration et Prodution

Sophie Laurent

+33 615 10 79 09  

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