In the beginning, they were alone.

Nowadays these five solitary souls confront their excesses and shortcomings. 

In a mysterious, chaotic and sensitive confrontation there are five colours: yellow, pink, green, purple and blue.

La Femme de Trop is about solitude, identity, gender, group, human beings, humanity and liberation. They seek and find one another...putting themselves in each other’s shoes...

These five strange women roam about in search of their identity, the very little that nevertheless so significantly fulfils them. They sing, fly, catch and dance where everyone has a place but where nobody really dares to take it. Yet it takes very little...




Written and performing by 

Noémie Armbruster

Marine Fourteau

Angèle Guilbaud

Liza Lapert

Marcel Vidal Castells

Directed and writted by

Alba Sarraute Pons

Costume designer

Anaïs Clarté

Sound and Lighting design

Stéphanie Gibert et Maëlle Payonne

Lighting and General Director technician 

Justine Angevin

Sound technician

Eric Broitman

La Femme de Trop is no longer on and has since been replaced.