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At the beginning there is a girl, a woman... a chilld?


The child’s voice whispers to our ear, she prepares a surprise for us. The woman comes from the audience, with all the necessary equipment under her arm to this surprise?

She approaches in a kind of k-way dress, bare legs, all dressed in blue. The k-way is just in case. Rain always comes when you don’t expect it. It’s her father who told her that. Then she smiles, because whatever happens, the sun is inside each of us. It’s her mother who told her that. She lugs hula-hoop.


The hula-hoop, it’s round, it’s soft, it rolls, it turns, it hits, it inspires her. She wriggles with skill and elegance. She takes every movements, every burst, catches up, revives; everything can be useful.

And the sun, even well hidden, appears easily if we allows the place to enter.

The voice accompanies us, that of the child, of the woman, or the old woman. Surprise crosses all states. The surprise she plans. The one we did to her. The one that fell on her. The one she waits for and nerver arrives. the one in front of her and she forgets everythime...


With frenzy and generosity she tries to sing by twisting herself with the microphone and hula-hoop at the same time. Here the singing is a call to the other ant to oneself to continue to live.