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Circus for public spaces

First performance : 2023

Running time : 45 minutes

Age suitability : For all audiences

Audience capacity  : 600 persons

Masacrade is a 45 minutes performance for all audiences, 7 acts of mini-flying trapeze, 1 voice over, 3 performers, 1 inflatable mattress, 25 costumes et 1 arsonist technician.


Masacrade is a fight between absurdity and logic, where we look for the meaning of death in order to understand the meaning of life, or better yet where we make sense of living by practicing dying before we die…

7 acts of flying trapeze; not the 7 lives of a cat but the 7 deaths of the Marcels. Could this be a lucky number ? 


In an epic exploration of the non-sense of life, Masacrade delights in turning death’s pages. The passing that strikes, that we fear, which we would prefer to choose, or face with panache, upon which we can stumble inadvertently, the one that will inevitably catch up with us in the end… death.


For choosing one’s own death is no easy feat; an easy feat would be to die after being deceased. During this fatal ceremony, our protagonists, guided by a narrating voice-over, will question that without which passing would be of no substance, and a tomb would shelter nothing but nothingness because it is the source of all existence… they will question life.

Marcel et ses Drôles de Femmes - Masacrade © Loïc Nys _ high-46.jpg


Writing and performing :

Marine Fourteau

Angèle Guilbaud

Marcel Vidal Castells


Writing and sound :

Théo Godefroid


Writing and dramaturgy :

Claire Schumm


Stage management :

Thomas bares and Marius Ollagnier alternatively


Costumes :

Bastien Poncelet


Coaching :

Jordi Montmany


Administration & Production :

Chloé  Delpierre

Booking & Production :


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