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You, us, everybody.


To begin with circus was the only thing that we had in common. We looked at one another awkwardly, leapt and caught each other almost unintentionally. 


After a period of time we began to get to know one another and each other’s aspirations, modesty, obsessions, sensitivities, etc. We attempted to fill the gaps, trying to find ourselves, eventually putting ourselves in each other’s shoes...but it wasn’t enough. So, we carried on.


We laugh a lot and love each another. We practise slack wire, roller skating, hula-hoop, fixed trapeze, etc. A variety of ways to describe what we feel, here right now with you. 

Our aim: to sensitively and humorously depict the absurdity of human complexities. To call upon the human imagination more and encourage curiosity. Let’s not be ashamed of being voyeuristic and be receptive to surprises.

We promote shows for all ages that are open to various interpretations whether young or old. 

We attach considerable importance to the group, to the perspectives, ideas and desires of each of us, valuing our unique journeys.

Each of our productions is the result of collective writing and encounters.

2013 : creation of the company Marcel et ses Drôles de Femmes, aerobatics foursome (aerial and Korean cradle) by Marine Fourteau, Angèle Guilbaud, Liza Lapert and Marcel Vidal Castells.


2013 : Miss Dolly, production to be performed in the street.


2015 : La Femme de Trop, production to be performed in an auditorium.


2017 : Company co-directed by Marine Fourteau, Angèle Guilbaud and Marcel Vidal Castells.


2019 : THE GOOD PLACE, Les Marcels Peep Show, production to be performed in the street and large indoor spaces.


2019 : Angèle, first company solo by Angèle Guilbaud.


2019: SOPA i el que el vent no s'emporta, company’s first stage production by Marine Fourteau and Marcel Vidal Castells commissioned by Ateneu Popular Nou Barris for the Circ d'Hivern.

2021: Mémoires d'un Fou, based on the work of Flaubert, created for the bicentenary of Flaubert's birth.


2023: Masacrade, creation for the street.


ANGÈLE discovered the circus as a child with Cirque du Docteur Paradi. In 2004, she joined the École Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault. After a preparatory degree at the École de cirque de Balthazar in Montpellier, she entered the École Nationale de Cirque de Rosny-sous- Bois (ENACR), where she met Marine Fourteau, with whom she specialised in aerial cradle as a catcher. She completed her training at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque de Châlons-en-Champagne (CNAC), where Marcel et ses Drôles de Femmes met.


With the Marcel's, she created the shows Miss Dolly (2013), La Femme de Trop (2015), THE GOOD PLACE (2019), Mémoires d'un fou (2021) and Masacrade (2023, currently on tour). She also created Angèle (2019), a hula-hoop solo that is still on tour.


Meanwhile, she has taken part in various "cartes blanches" with the Sans La Nommer company (2021) and the Kiaï company (2022), and worked as a replacement with the companies Pré-O Coupé - Nikolaus and the Galactik Ensemble. She has contributed to several productions, including Rémi Please Hug Yourself (2016) by the Güüd Factory, Presque Parfait (2020/2024) by the company  Pré-O-Coupé - Nikolaus, and is currently working with the Galactik Ensemble on Frasques (due out in 2025).


Artistic Director

MARINE discovered the circus, particularly aerobatics, at Pop Circus in Auch.

She went on to become a professional at the École Nationale de Cirque de Rosny-sous- Bois (ENACR), as an aerialist, before graduating at the 24th class of the CNAC, where she was trained in Korean cradle and equestrian acrobatics.

In 2013, with her acolytes, she created the Cie Marcel et ses Drôles de Femmes.

With the Marcel's she created Miss Dolly (2013), La Femme de Trop (2015), THE GOOD PLACE (2019) and Masacrade (2023, currently on tour).

At the same time, she took part in the creation of Mémoire(s) with the Belgian company Le Poivre Rose (2018), performed in the opera-circus show Daral Shaga by the Belgian company Feria Musica and did aerial acrobatics replacements with Collectif Malunés and Les P'tits Bras.

In 2019, with Marcel Vidal, she co-directed SOPA, a circus piece for 5 performers, in Barcelona.

In 2021, she was working as an outside eye on the show Cha Cha Chavelita, by the aerial hoop collective Vous Revoir.

Marine joined the Raoul Lambert company for Désenfumage 3 (created in 2022), in which she performed aerial acrobatic, bicycle stunts and roller skating.

Since 2023, she has been an acrobatic performer in Les jambes à son cou by Cie W -Jean Baptiste André.

She took part in the project Suzanne, une histoire cirque, by Anna Tauber/Cie du Vide and Cie Avant la Faillite (created in 2024).


Artistic Director

MARCEL discovered the circus arts in 2006 in Barcelona (ES) at lʼAteneu de nou barris circus school. In 2009 he joined the lʼENACR, where he met Liza Lapert and became her catcher on the Korean cradle. In 2011, at the CNAC, he created the company Marcel et ses Drôles de Femmes with Angèle Guilbaud, Liza Lapert and Marine Fourteau.

With the Marcel's he created the shows Miss Dolly (2013), La Femme de Trop (2015), THE GOOD PLACE (2019) and Masacrade (2023, currently on tour).


In 2019, he and Marine Fourteau did co-direct SOPA, i el que el vent no s'emportà.


For more than 10 years he has been involved in various projects, including Ultima Paisagem with Breno Caetano, STATION by the Korean dance company Noni (2015), and Daral Shaga by the Feria Musica company (2016/2017), MEMOIRE(S) by Le Poivre Rose (2018), Les Flyings by Happé/Mélissa Von Vépy (2021/2022), LA(S) Malaimés by Cie Luz/Victoria Bélen (2021) and, in 2023, PLONGER by Menteuses (currently on tour).


Artistic Director



Production & Booking






General Technician

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