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You, us, everybody.


To begin with circus was the only thing that we had in common. We looked at one another awkwardly, leapt and caught each other almost unintentionally. 


After a period of time we began to get to know one another and each other’s aspirations, modesty, obsessions, sensitivities, etc. We attempted to fill the gaps, trying to find ourselves, eventually putting ourselves in each other’s shoes...but it wasn’t enough. So, we carried on.


We laugh a lot and love each another. We practise slack wire, roller skating, hula-hoop, fixed trapeze, etc. A variety of ways to describe what we feel, here right now with you. 

Our aim: to sensitively and humorously depict the absurdity of human complexities. To call upon the human imagination more and encourage curiosity. Let’s not be ashamed of being voyeuristic and be receptive to surprises.

We promote shows for all ages that are open to various interpretations whether young or old. 

We attach considerable importance to the group, to the perspectives, ideas and desires of each of us, valuing our unique journeys.

Each of our productions is the result of collective writing and encounters.

Notre Cirque
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